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On: February 15th 2016

Category: Entrepreneurship

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1) Plan a Product Launch

You might not make a lot of money in month’s 7 through 9, but that is okay, because you’ll be working on setting up for a big money product launch in the final quarter of the year.

Here’s what you need to do to make this happen:

a) Pick a 3-day period, generally Tuesday through Thursday works best, at a time when no other major affiliate promotions are planned for your niche market. Do your best to investigate this as far in advance as possible. You may even want to plan your launch 6-9 months early.

b) Create new bonuses for your launch. You will add these to your current product (and you’ll give them to past customers for free). Make sure their is a powerful reason why you are having this promo for your prospects.

b) Massive affiliate recruitment time. Go back to all past affiliates and tell them about this new launch. Remind them to save the date.

c) Dedicate a significant amount of time to new affiliate recruitment, using the strategies I provided yesterday – such as promoting their products to your list (this will also help bring in cash while sales of your product are down).

Then Increase Value & Price of Your Product
At the same time as you are working on your promotion plans, you will also be adding value to your current product so that you can increase the retail price to $39.95 from $19.95.

NOTE: The $19.95 and $39.95 prices are “arbitrary numbers”. Your industry may differ. In the end it is up to you to determine a fair price for your product. The point of the example is to show you how to make sales immediately. One of the biggest hurdles is getting an initial and consistent set of sales, and that often happens because people charge a high price without the credibility to back it up. By charging a low price, we overcome this obstacle for the first 6 months.

If possible, add a $19.95 product as the first 1-click upsell and a $9.95 product as the second 1-click upsell.
Finally, if possible, offer a recurring revenue product. That means offering a membership site or monthly newsletter, etc.